I’m , a web developer and graphic designer with passion for all sorts of art.


I have been designing and programming websites and apps for over 3 years. I’ve helped create and maintain over thirty web projects, both professionally and for fun.


Though I primarily work in frontend, due to the diversity of formats my projects take on, I’ve familiarized myself with every one of these tools.


You should try some of these out :D



An assortment of colors made by pens, brushes, vectors, pixels, and frames.
Pixel art of two men watching grand swirling clouds


Watching the swirling sky. Pixil, 2021.

The Sermon

An absurdist parody of The Importance of Being Earnest. Wick Editor, 2021.
Six swirling mathematical equations in a grid

Ripple Weave Collection

Nested trigonometric functions mapped onto HSL space. RippleWeave, 2021.
SpaceX Starship rocket drifting in translunar space with a gaping hole on one side

Starship 13

Should a Starship meet the same fate as Apollo 13’s Odyssey. Krita, 2021.
Amanda Gorman climbing a fracturing grass hill at sunrise

Gorman’s Hill

Illustration of Amanda Gorman’s The Hill We Climb. Krita, 2021.


In which a panicking head is trying to get its brain back. Blender, 2020.
Transonic flying thing


3D modeling practice. Blender, 2020.

Planetary Adventures with Ballsy McBallface

Ridiculous animated cartoon. Adobe Animate, 2020.
Falcon 9 reentry


SpaceX booster vector art. Text editor, 2019.
Curiosity rover


Martian rover vector art. Animatron, 2018.
A Starship rocket launching against a starry night sky.


Launching against a starry starry night. Animatron, 2018.
A Falcon Heavy rocket lifting off

Falcon Heavy

The launch of a giant. Animatron, 2018.
A Tesla roadster carrying Starman into space


He’s waiting in the sky. Animatron, 2018.
Falcon 9 rocket booster about to land

Falcon 9

A SpaceX rocket booster about to land. Animatron, 2018.
Vector graphics illusration of the front entrance to First Avenue Middle School, with lots of gradients.

First Avenue 110th

Cover illustration for the First Avenue Middle School anniversary calendar. Animatron, 2017.



Things that are a touch more practical than art.
Mercator Studio tuning the colors of a toy dinosaur and a toy space shuttle

Mercator Studio 2.0

Just as it surpasses 10,000 users, Mercator gets a new look for a redesigned Google Meet. Web, 2021.
A duotone graphic of a peacock printed on a piece of cloth


Duotone AHS 2023 screen-printing design entry. Inkscape, Krita, and Blender, 2020.
Two circular AHS emblem stickers on a white mailbox, in front of a lush green background

Fowl on a Mailbox

Concept redesign of the AHS Emblem. Inkscape and Blender, 2020.
Mercator Studio promo shot, showing its many color adjustment sliders

Mercator Studio

Web-based camera-feed-editing software for Google Meet. Web, 2020.
ahs.app screenshot, showing a horizontal news feed


A student-oriented feed for Arcadia High School. Web, 2020.
robotics.majorstem.org screenshot, showing a rotating double-pyramid


Landing page and blog for a robotics team. Web, 2020.
The front and back covers of a holiday card. The front is several ice crystals arranged into the shape of AUSD’ feather logo.

AUSD Holiday Card

Design of the Arcadia Unified School District’s holiday card. Animatron, 2017.



Email me at liu@x-ing.space,
or send a message to Xing#7270 on Discord.
I’m available for hire as a freelance designer and/or web developer.



JavaScript game-things.
Colorful fish in a light teal pond

Koidoro Pond

2D WebGL fish pond. 2021
a colorful function graphed by rippleweave


Colorful function grapher. 2020–2021
Cliques screenshot showing colored cards with markings on them


a card game introducing set theory. 2018—2019